Our Services

The value tenet of PPHRS, enables us to make ourselves available and ready to provide the customers with the best professional Advice, Interventions & Solutions that elicit the core objective of “Value Creation”.

Our Industry Focus

Financial Services

Globally, the financial services industry has continued to evolve in order meet changing macroeconomic realities.

PPHRS provides services to several financial services institutions including banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, stock brokerage firms and other capital market operators, mutual funds etc. Our broad range of services includes a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the operations, technology, learning and performance needs of financial institutions.

Our experience in providing outsourcing, recruitment and assessment services to financial services institutions is unmatched to any other in Nigeria. We provide highly skilled and qualified personnel to meet the human resource requirements of a significant number of banks in Nigeria.


Aviation Industry

PPHRS provides services to aviation clients in various capacity.

Technology & Telecomm

PPHRS provides management consulting, outsourcing as well as learning and performance services to meet the growth strategies of technology and telecommunication companies.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

In PPHRS we collaborate with FMCGs companies to develop innovative and practical solutions to meet their challenges be it operational, supply chain, production and general management needs.


PPHRS provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the complex business challenges of the energy industry especially oil and gas companies.

Manufac- turing

The manufacturing industry is key to employment generation and overall economic growth. The manufacturing industry in developing economies like Nigeria is still at its developmental stage.

PPHRS brings to bear its deep expertise and experience to providing solutions to the challenges faced by manufacturing companies. Our services cover manufacturing activities across various industries.

Health Care

The Health care industry is vital to human existence and as such attracts investments at various levels. The industry encompasses various components such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, medicine etc. with diverse companies involved in one or more component.

PPHRS helps companies that play in the health care industry to solve various business challenges and uncertainties. Our service offerings to the healthcare industry allows us to deliver innovative intervention to the industry players.