Learning & Development

Training and Development is a combined role often called Human Resources Development (HRD), meaning the development of the human capital of an organization in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Learning focuses on performing activities today to develop employees for their current jobs and development is preparing employees for future roles and responsibilities. Tremendous and fast paced change is the number one factor affecting or ravaging performance in our workplace. Trends for the 21st century include:

  1. Having to do more with less.
  2. Struggling to keep ahead of the competition, in a business space marked by constant, high paced change.
  3. Endeavouring to exceed customer requirements.
  4. Maximizing the performance potential of all employees and managers in the organization.
  5. Traditional management/supervisory skills are no longer sufficient to overcome the challenges of today and these trends are expected to intensify! The Learning and Development Programmes of PPHRS are designed specifically to:
  6. Build skills for the successful transition of leaders, managers and supervisors to become facilitators, coaches and team leaders.
  7. Create and maintain high performance in the organization, work teams, and individuals.
  8. Harness the powerful forces of change and the incredible talent of the work force.

Our approach to Employee Learning & Development is driven by the interventions required by our clients for Organizational Development and Effectiveness.

We monitor effectiveness in line with such interventions and provide post-training impact assessment to ensure that there is value addition.