HR Shared Services

People Plus HR Shared Services is a simple one stop Human Resources Services Solution designed to provide small and medium business owners with Best Practice HR Management System either as completely or partially outsourced services to PPHRS. This reduces the need for entire HR department in organizations and allows Organisation focus on business priorities.

The strategic focus of PPHRS is to assist small and medium scale organizations in setting up strong and robust HR practices that meet the standard of global best practices to support their businesses for peak performance, at a win-win cost.

We also assist large organizations to focus on strategic issues and repositioning HR by outsourcing the HR transactional routine activities to PPHRS as a strategic business partner.

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Our Niche Market

Having provided assistance to big organizations in the banking, educational and courier industries among others, our HR Shared services are available for all organizations across the economy, irrespective of size or nature of business. Our niche market, however, consists of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs), many of which do not have:

  1. Knowledge and skills of practitioners in HRM
  2. Articulated, implemented and effective Corporate Strategy
  3. Clear organization structure arising logically from a well-defined business strategy
  4. Systematic and objective recruitment and selection process
  5. Clear job descriptions and Key Performance Indicators
  6. Staff Performance Appraisal & Management System
  7. Employee Handbook/HR Procedure Manual
  8. Compensation structure
  9. Regular training for staff, leadership and skills development

Many of the SMEs have ignored the fact that a robust HR practice, even for a small enterprise of not more than 10 core staff, is critical for peak performance (which goes beyond merely staying in business).

Where HR is recognized as a critical success factor, many of the SMEs desire consultancy and business advisory assistance of a global standard, which is usually seen as unaffordable.

At PPHRS, we believe we have a responsibility to our Clients to build our business on their behalf. We are committed to helping our Clients achieve their goals and a fair and attractive return on their investment.