Employee Outsourcing Specialization

We provide Temp office workers for the following supporting job roles so that business owners can focus their resources more specifically on their core competencies, thereby helping them gain competitive advantages in the market:

  1. Human Resources.
  2. Bank Tellers.
  3. Client Relations Officers (Receptionist).
  4. Personal Assistants.
  5. Executive Assistants (Secretaries).
  6. Client/Customer Services.
  7. Direct Sales Agents.
  8. Admin Executives.
  9. Switchboard Operators/Contact Centre Consultants.
  10. IT officer etc.
  11. Book keeping & payroll.
  12. Others.

Our Outsourced Staff have been exposed to our training ” Working to Succeed’’ PPHRS Learning Solution to prepare employee in a new work place behaviour and in the new world of work.