Develop HR Policies & Procedure Manual

We develop Staff Handbooks for organizations, which will detail the policies guiding the conduct of staff in the Organization and what the staff would expect from the company in terms of career development and other opportunities and benefits.

How can we help?

We help to develop employee handbooks that are based on leading practice and legally defensible.

The existence of an appropriate Employee Handbook will deliver the following benefits to the organization:

  1. The Handbook will serve as a source of clarification in respect of all company’s policies on staff conduct and relationships, thus removing ambiguities and confusion concerning workplace actions, expectations and ethics.
  2. The two-way employer/employee expectations are made clear.
  3. The handbook will serve as a reference guide for various workplace situations.
  4. The handbook will provide legal protection for both employer and employees.
  5. It will provide an objective ground for discipline and consequence management, for ‘where there is no law, there is no sin’
  6. The handbook will serve as springboard for building a virile corporate culture within the organization.